Armchair Patchwork Juicy Colors

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Products are handmade to the highest standards of craftsmanship, Made to order different model- color. Made to order using top-quality materials like Designers Guild, Romo, Villa nova, Ridex, Alhambra, Kirkby Design, Christian Lacroix. Fabrics used include woven silks, velvets and printed and woven cottons. Eared chair is produced in Poland, with high-quality wood. The waiting time to order 4 weeks plus shipping (2-6 days) Dimensions: 102x83x70 Examples presented on this site can be purchased to the same colour ways as shown although the hand stitched nature of the patch work process means that no two are ever identical . Please contact us to request further details on ordering a bespoke palette of fabrics.

Kolor: Multi kolor

Tkanina : Wysokiej jakości tkaniny tapicerski , technika patchwork


Wysokość: 102 cm

Szerokość: 83 cm

Głębokość: 70 cm

Dostępność: Na zamówienie

Czas oczekiwania: 3,5 tygodnia.


Waga 25 g

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